How I didn’t do  190 km by bike

As it has been several years before, I made this year’s self-destructive bike tour, 190km without training … Today’s goal was in the Jizera Mountains, where we started our church holiday. But I think nothing of what I experienced this summer has signified that I can manage this journey in one day. In the morning I got up in the dark, but before I walked out and took out the tick I discovered on my leg, the sun was already over the horizon.

There were so many interesting things to admire and take photo of all around …

The beginning of the end of my journey came to my way in Prague in the form of farmer market, where I could not get full of the holiday atmosphere and goodies that made my cyklobags quite heavy in a minute. So I ate some of them right around the corner sitting on the bank of Vltava river in the heart of our beautiful capital city. It was decided … today I was going to pass the final exam of the subject I had been working on since the beginning of the holidays – “to enjoy  HERE and NOW to the full.” That’s why I did not mind the delay at the Piazza of the National Theater where the Dyzajn market stalls were being prepared. I was dazzled by Prague as a real tourist. It was also a surprise how elegant it is to ride through Prague using cycling trails I had no idea about before. Everything looked fabulous before I found out I bumped my tire. Fun was over. I had only the poppy milk in a bottle from the market to calm me down…I started calling my friend on the phone, my husband. Through mobile tracking, he knew where I was, and after a while, the phone rang again. There was a prince (our friend) on a white horse (in a red car exactly) on his way to pick me up and  take me to Decathlon in a mall several kilometres from this place of nowhere. My tire was fixed. And when I confessed the state of my utter non-training, I got a free package of advice of how I should stop, eat and drink regularly … and I must say that even though I know it, the cyclomechanik was so urgent that I took his words seriously and it helped me a lot.

As I  found later, navigation in my mobile was set only for the bike trails. It has been strange for me why I always safely avoid a comfortable road and let myself take a longer, less comfortable way and wander along the path between the fields. It took a long time before I checked my settings. But I was already so tired, the landscape was not interesting in that area, there were bad  sandy paths and many combine working around, and I knew I had no chance to catch up with the time I had lost so far, that I agreed that my dear family, who had already left our home in a car, could pick me up.

I could refresh myself in the car and enjoyed only the final waved landscape about 20km before the finish. I leave the biggest hills for bigger cyklo fans this time.

 And that’s the story of how I did not 190km but enjoyed “here and now” 🙂


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