My journey from Santiago – DAY 9

Santiago de Compostela – Muxía (by bus)

Thanks to the detailed instructions of the lady from the tourist center, in the morning I knew where to go to get my bus taking me to the western coast. The weather seemed to copy my mood. It was lazy rainy and misty morning when I walked through Santiago with an eye on google maps. I don’t know why, but  I wasn’t able to use paper map in this city. Everytime I started to walk to the opposite direction:).
Neither weather nor my mood had changed in Muxía. I was sad because of saying so many goodbyes. I missed my friends. This day was really hard for me. I had suffered as a child on summer camps as my parents had been always sending me to camps where I didn’t know anyone and also couldn’t see them never after again. I have learnt not to say goodbye, turn around and go, don’t take their adresses and lead sentimental speeches, how about seeing each other again… But it didn’t work this time. I missed my friends from camino a lot and deep inside I didn’t want to let them go…
I wanted to go to sleep as soon as possible. Because I came by bus, I was no longer a pilgrim and couldn’t sleep for 6 euros. But I found a hostel which was right opposite to the bus station and harbour for 10 and it was hungarian. The funny thing about it is the fact that a little bit of hungarian blood runs through me also. I wondered how many hungarians were there (and also italians and me, the only freak:). If someone told me there is a czech hostel I would definitely avoid it. I enjoy it without speaking czech here.
At 12 am, when they let me in, I imediately fall asleep and had siesta. Afternoon I went for a walk around the tiny town. I felt like in some danish movie. Houses were colored with pastel colors the nothern Europe way. I went to see the rocky coast with lighthouse and a church. My tears were mixing with salt of the ocean and I was hiding my head under the scarf before the wind and the whole world…


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