So wide and deep

As the wind blows
and crashes with all the windows throughout the house
I think of you, the Ocean
so wide and deep
I sat at your rocky bank
and waves splashed into the air
above the foamed surface
And I knew
I was standing so excitedly at the starting line
of a race for my life
so widely and deeply
feeling my inner world shaking
loosing the certainties of the perfectness
and recognizing spark of a light in the depths
While drawning to the bottom
where all the sand-covered plastic soldiers wait for eternity
I think of you, the Ocean
so wide and deep
and I wonder
whether the bottom is so solid
that I could bounce off it?


At first glance this and this song don ‘t relate to the text above at all. But it happened that someone pushed these songs into my head so that I have to sing it over and over to myself. And I realized these are the last missing verses of the poem…


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