The new way – DAY 11

Fisterra – Cee – Santiago (12km + bus)
My last whole day in Spain, the last stage and the last kilometers with a backpack on my back …
The city slept after yesterday’s carnival, but the hostel’s dining room was already awakened by the pilgrims around 7am. The weather promised a beautiful day. I catch the bus at 5 pm in Cee city but we have lunch arranged at 12 o’clock with Marcos, so I can’t walk too slow. When we planned with Chris and Clara what time I should leave Fisterra, Chris warned me to be careful when I will walk across the beach in the morning. I could be held there many many hours like yesterday … It was a really difficult task :). I’ve been playing with making videos for the last time, but the timing was still ok. The journey went smoothly, when it was possible I walked barefoot. I was looking forward to lunch, and I was delighted that after my farewell to Clara and Chris, I had another chance to see Marcos.
What was my surprise when Mutsuhiko appeared on the path against me, going towards Fisterre. Camino kept us all together, it was a relief feeling that our goodbyes can never be declared as final.
I arrived quite early. When I saw a bus stop near the harbor, I decided not to leave that place because I was affraid I could miss the bus. I went into the harbor on the beach at the low tide,  wading in the water, watching a man who came to bend the clams buried in the sand. The poor man got almost a heart attack when I came to see him collecting it. Although I greeted him three times, he registered me only when i was close to him.
There were fish in the water, and when one of the bigger ones (I suspected it was at least a manta) hit my leg, I almost drowned my mobile.
I still had some data left. I sent Marcos a message that I was in the harbor at the bus stop. According to the information, I had the message that there is only one bus stop in this area. What was my surprise when he wrote me back that he was in different place and was waiting at the city market … He was really in Cee. But I’m in the neighboring town Corcubion …
I took 1.5 km of speed walk to Cee, where there were streets full of stalls of the market. At this point, the right fun was coming. There were about billions of people, Marcos did not react at that moment because he did not have a connection, and I did not know where to find him. I went back and forth and felt like I was in the movie … so many time and distance variables have fallen in favor of today’s lunch since the farewell in Santiago and we will not find ourselves in this marketplace … :). It would certainly be an interesting absurdity in my narration, but the connection has recovered after some time and we have found.ourselves.  The town looked very nice and alive. To show me how the Spaniards live, we first went for the aperitif. The restaurant gardens were crowded with people who just sat down and could choose a salad or a small appetizer with every drink. I was relieved that I did not get the “dinner” at the lighthouse yesterday, just because the waiter was sorry for me when I came barefoot, but it is one of the pleasant Spanish customs that helped me to start kind of loving this country. Who knows me well, how much I like good food, can imagine how I enjoyed lunch, where we had octopuses, salad, and some Spanish speciality whose name I forgot. After all the days of dry bread I felt like in heaven. Good food, good company… I love to share the food! It’s just a shame that my stomach has shrunk so much in last days … 🙁 . We had a very good discussions … mainly with our google translators in our hands :).
As we headed for the bus, there was another goodbye and a two-hour drive to Santiago. I went across the city to a hostel where I met a Spanish student studying Czech a few days ago at the reception. There is a lot of possibilities for accommodation. It is still around 17 euros, but mostly there is also a garden available even in the middle of the city, which is more than pleasant.
As soon as possible I went out to the city centre. There were tears on my cheeks and in the sky this evening. It was one of the loneliest nights I’ve ever experienced. For a while, during the biggest rain, I enjoyed a music and a dance with some street musician Oskar in a big tent on the cathedral square. But it ended soon. I went searching for a music club in the scenic streets where I would spend the night and celebrate my pilgrimage. There was nothing, except for many restaurants. For a moment, a married couple from Florida, who I met for the third time, made me smile for a while. Then I walked through the wet city until I realized that the pilgrimage really ended, and it’s time to go to bed and get ready to go home. As a good night song, I listened to a boy playing in the arcade on a metal drum for about 15 minutes. His name was “hang” … that drum … and his soft tones and gently melting melodies were like a patch to my mood. Now, with the passing time, I am glad that me, who has always wanted to be alone, had to face such a feeling of loneliness. I went back to the hostel and even after a lot of snoring, I fell asleep at the top of my bunk thinking about people I have met on my way…
Jonathan, I have really enjoyed walking with you and hear about all you travel experiences and funny life habits. I believe you can travel all the world through. But still, you will like going back home!
Mutsuhiko, you are a real walking hero for me. I know now that the world is not as big as it seems and there is no place too far to reach…
Marcos, I am happy to have met you. You has really touched my heart. My prayers are still with you and I believe your dreams can come true and you can find the peace. Thank you for your encouragement and sharing.
Chris and Clara, you are simply amasing. I would love to spend more time with you and learn from you… Thank you for your time, smile and embrace!
I won’t forget you!

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