The pilgrimage – DAY 3

Ferrol – Neda (14km)   

It is certainly strange for a pilgrim but I didn’t want to get up even today. I had last breakfast in coffee shop and started my walk at 10.20 a.m.. Way from the city wasn’t very nice. I had to go through some indutrial parts too. My head was still full and heavy of thinking.
I  was comparing the way to Santiago to a big Wenceslas Square in Prague according to some narratives. I thought I would meet pilgrims on each step of my way. But they were quite rare. First I met Pablo and Helene from Madrid and we walked few kilometres together. They were good walkers. It was seventh journey to Santiago for Helene. Yes, people really do these pilgrimages and usually they come back!!
It wasn’t still natural for me to find my markings easily, it is in process.
After 14 kilometres I found a first alberge. It was quite early in the afternoon but I didn’t want to go more kilometres the very first day. I was so tired I could fall asleep at that moment but the man who opened the door for us, promised to come back at 8.30 p.m. so that we could pay. I was happy to meet an english pilgrim called Jonathan from England here. Finally, I could talk to somebody fluently. He gave me good advices as he made several walkes before.
As soon as the man comes and I pay and I fall asleep!!!


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