The pilgrimage – DAY 4

Neda – Fene – Pontedeume – Miño  (24km)      
Even this morning I could qualify as a pilgrim. When I woke up at 7.45 a.m., the last pilgrim has already left. According to Jonathan it was the best idea to walk 24 km today to Miño because of the heat of tomorrow and shops probably closed everywhere on sunday (today). Tomorrow there should be only 14km left to a nice medieval town if I follow the plan. One of the motivations was also his english and it was simply nice to talk to him.
I was definitelly the last pilgrim on the way. For some people I was a hero to come from Czech republic. But it was nothing compared to a couple from Florida I had met.
Morning part of the journey was nice. I went through the forrest. What wasn’t nice about it was the fact that the path was covered with garbage (freshly opened bars and crackers). On 1,5km I collected one full plastic bag of it. But i think I couldn’t do squats all my way…
I passed a nice town Pontedeume with a medieval festival. The heat started to be bigger I would appreciate. Fortunately there were fresh springs on the way. Not all of them were really good to drink, but sometimes the Coke is important:).
I got also my first blister in my Leguano shoes. I went to sleep quite early. No wi-fi and almost no people in alberge.
While having a Coke in the forrest I had noticed a pilgrim prayer on the tree, which I really like:
Although I may have traveled all the roads,
Crossed mountains and valleys from East to West,
If I have not discovered the freedom to be myself,
I have arrived nowhere.
Although I may have shared all of my possessions
With people of other languages and cultures;
Made friends with Pilgrims of a thousand paths,
Or shared albergue with saints and princes,
If I am not capable of forgiving my neighbor tomorrow,
I have arrived nowhere.
Although I may have carried my pack from beginning to end
And waited for every Pilgrim in need of encouragement,
Or given my bed to one who arrived later than I,
Given my bottle of water in exchange for nothing;
If upon returning to my home and work,
I am not able to create brotherhood
Or to make happiness, peace and unity,
I have arrived nowhere.
Although I may have had food and water each day,
And enjoyed a roof and shower every night;
Or may have had my injuries well attended,
If I have not discovered in all that the love of God,
I have arrived nowhere.
Although I may have seen all the monuments
And contemplated the best sunsets;
Although I may have learned a greeting in every language
Or tasted the clean water from every fountain;
If I have not discovered who is the author
Of so much free beauty and so much peace,
I have arrived nowhere.
If from today I do not continue walking on your path,
Searching and living according to what I have learned;
If from today I do not see in every person, friend or foe
A companion on the Camino;
If from today I cannot recognize God,
The God of Jesus of Nazareth
As the one God of my life,
I have arrived nowhere.
Aunque hubiera recorrido todos los caminos,
cruzado montañas y valles
desde oriente hasta Occidente,
si no he descubierto la libertad de ser yo mismo
no he llegado a ningún sitio.
Aunque hubiera compartido todos mis bienes
con gentes de otra lengua y cultura,
hecho amistad con peregrinos de mil senderos
o compartido albergue con santos y príncipes,
si no soy capaz de perdonar mañana a mi vecino
no he llegado a ningún sitio
Aunque hubiera cargado mi mochila de principio a fin
y esperado por cada peregrino necesitado de ánimo,
o cedido mi cama a quien llegó después
y regalado mi botellín de agua a cambio de nada,
si de regreso a mi casa y mi trabajo no soy capaz
de crear fraternidad y poner alegría, paz y unidad,
no he llegado a ningún sitio.
Aunque hubiera tenido comida y agua cada día
y disfrutado de techo y ducha todas las noches
o hubiera sido bien atendido de mis heridas,
si no he descubierto en todo ello el amor de Dios,
no he llegado a ningún sitio.
Aunque hubiera visto todos los monumentos
y contemplado las mejores puestas de sol;
Aunque hubiera aprendido un saludo en cada idioma,
o probado el agua limpia de todas las fuentes,
si no he descubierto quién es autor
de tanta belleza gratuita y de tanta paz
no he llegado a ningún sitio.
Si a partir de hoy no sigo caminando en tus caminos,
buscando y viviendo según lo aprendido;
Si a partir de hoy no veo en cada persona,
amigo y enemigo, un compañero de camino;
Si a partir de hoy no reconozco a Dios,
el Dios de Jesús de Nazaret,
como el único Dios de mi vida,
no he llegado a ningún sitio
– Fraydino
 video available here

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