The pilgrimage – DAY 5

Miño – Betanzos (11km)        

Today was my earliest wake up … but I was the last one again. My room-mates had left at 6 a.m. Am I predestined to run a marathon here or what? Do these people ever have a proper breakfast? I need to have my calm breakfast sitting!
My breakfast is the same superfood mix everyday. Only the tea differs according to what herbs grow near my alberge. I had had already a levander tea, dryed plum tea and today I found clover.
In the morning I say hello to the sea. My way starts to rise up. I take out my pilgrim prayers. I like this habit of my catholic friends not to say only my own prayers but also the writen one while doing a pilgrimage. Most of all I like this simple one and I put also other names of my beloved in it:

Oh, Lord
please, protect me!
watch over me
and deliver me from all danger
and lead me by the way of your commandments.
Lord, you are my guardian and protector
Stand by me. 

I met Manuela, an Italian. We found out we speak both french so it was nice to talk. Soon we came closer to the Betanzos town. My legs hurt but still I was thinking to continue next 16km. We split our walking together here to have space to assess our strength. I wanted to go to some restaurant so desperately to finally have something other than bread but I couldn’t have found any restaurant I would have liked and I (of course) didn’t understand their menus. Finally I had bread and pancetta sitting on a park bench. I realised to be so weak to go on. I went back to the centre to find the alberge. And I was really happy for that decision. The town was worthy to stay. The first thing that made me smile right behide the reception was the lovely british accent of Jonathan. I also met one spanish man called Marcos here which I remembered from the first alberge. He was very nice. We sat together in the common kitchen all three of us and from that time we were like The Three Musketeers.
I had a coffee in the centre after siesta and went to church for a mass. It was full of happy singing and  young people. So nice.
At night we planed with Jonathan and Marcos in which alberge we meet tomorrow afternoon. The plans were determined but the snoring of people on my room as well. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. Nor the smelly cloths of a boy sleeping above me distributed all around the bed helped me…


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