The pilgrimage – DAY 7

Bruma – Sigüeiro (24km)               

Because of sleeping on the kitchen floor I woke up at 5.15 with the first pilgrims. I started my way at 6.30 !! I enjoyed the (almost night) walk. The sun didn’t come out, it was cloudy, but nice. The atmosphere on the way was more and more friendly as we knew each other more or less. After my morning prayer I walked with Jonathan and we gladly stopped in a bistro. It should be the last one that day and others were gethering there as well.
Ordering took ages, exactly like the famous scene in Zootopia. There was no bread left, so I had just ham and coffee :). What a special diet! Jonathan introduced me to one couple from Texas. Their hug was so warm! They invited us for dinner that night in their hostel. The rest of the journey passed quickly with Jonathan telling me all his wonderful stories. He is an expert on travelling all around the world for only few pounds. He is a missionary of an english walking group persuading them to go on camino and goes to the nearby cinema five times a week. He is also a history fan and everything is amasing, great and wonderful by his own words.
When we got to Sigüeiro, small town, we met Marcos in our hostel and had some siesta, doing sweet nothing.
Later we went to the Chris and Clara hostel for dinner. I really enjoyed walking through the city with those two guys. That’s maybe why I took them wrong direction with my google maps :).
The chef of the kitchen was Raúl and he did wonderful pasta carbonara. Table was full of delicious food. Oh, how I love to share my meal and eat with other people!
Others by the table were two Julians – father and son (from six children!). Raúl had his father called Angel here. This was the exact group which stopped conversation and left the kitchen last night when I wanted to sleep on the floor. But they seemed to be very friendly:)!
There was also Matsuhiko, Japanese pilgrim, who never makes trips in Japan. He works with zebras and pinguins back home and walkes very very fast (and a long time, several months). We had to write his name on a napkin and put it on a bottle of wine for everyone could see it and remember:).
Chris and Clara have three dauhters and make trips also with them. They love Spain so it is not their first nor last time here.
Marcos has also three kids and he stays at home with them. I wonder how could he do it with his potential, work plans and temperament. But he could, he is a big fighter. He was also my and Jonathan’s spanish mouth. Thanks to him we had a place to sleep because we stayed at the dinner much longer than the hostel was opened. So he went to find the lady and got our key.
Everyone at the table was very special. I loved this night. It was also the first night when nobody snored in the room. We were only 5 nice non-snoring people there:)).


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