The pilgrimage to Santiago – DAY 0


I can hardly believe I would be in Spain tomorrow. It is only two hours ago I’ve booked a place for tomorrow night. Packing is really not my strong side, helfully I have a practical husband, who has helped me a lot to prepare.
This journey would be different! I go on my own and everything that would happen is a part of it! Maybe I forget my swimming suit or toothbrush as usual, but I don ‘t mind this time.
The ascetic part of my pilgrimage is fact that I leave my camera at home. Every photo will be done only with my mobile. And those who know me well can also appreciate I don ‘t take any book with me! Only few sheets of music I should learn and some pilgrim prayers.
I take three pairs of barefoot shoes and I wonder how will it work! I have heard that your bag should weigh 1/10 of your own weight. That’s a bit sci-fi for me. My bag is 8,5 kg…maybe too much snacks and healthy breakfast stuff…
But I am definitelly looking forward to tell you about my adventure!


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