The pilgrimage to Santiago – DAY 1


What I really DON’T like about travelling is the amount of things you need to solve before you leave … about children, household, other projects you leave here … This morning is the last school day and my kids forgot all their presents for their teachers at home. I wanted to clean the kitchen before I go. I really did!! But in this situation we had to leave with my husband earlier to have time to skip at school again.
“I am really sorry for that mess”, I whispered to my husbands ear.
He just laughed. “I don’t think it is only because of this situation today … maybe it could be one of your praying themes :).” But I am sure he can manage it:)).
My flight was a little bit tricky. At first it was delayed. I wasn’t sure I would have enough time in Madrid to change the plane… When I finally tryed to get in to my plane, my boarding pass started to whistle at the check point and a red light frightened me. The steward teared my boarding pass … only because of some change of a seat … Quite a lot for a “girl” who traveles for the first time on her own.
I was happy to switch my phone into a sleeping mode and leave all my problems and thoughts in Czech republic.

In the afternoon I got to A Coruña. I jumped into the first bus I saw on a rainy airport, trying to find my destination in mobile. What a good opportunity for the drived to give me back 1,5 euro less :(. Although I’ve heard a similar story few days ago…
But I was happy to find my tiny room in the centre and I went to explore the rocky shore around A Coruña. It was really beautiful, the ocean was so powerful, a sea salt in the air and the sea foam was white as boiled milk. I walked many kilometres until I fall down into my bad.
Tomorrow – no early waking up yet!!!


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