So wide and deep

As the wind blows
and crashes with all the windows throughout the house
I think of you, the Ocean
so wide and deep
I sat at your rocky bank
and waves splashed into the air
above the foamed surface
And I knew
I was standing so excitedly at the starting line
of a race for my life
so widely and deeply
feeling my inner world shaking
loosing the certainties of the perfectness
and recognizing spark of a light in the depths
While drawning to the bottom
where all the sand-covered plastic soldiers wait for eternity
I think of you, the Ocean
so wide and deep
and I wonder
whether the bottom is so solid
that I could bounce off it?



Tahle ani tahle písnička s textem nahoře zdánlivě nesouvisí. Někomu se ale podařilo dostat mi je do hlavy natolik, že si je pořád musím zpívat a přitom jsem si uvědomila, že jsou vlastně posledníma slokama, který chyběly…


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